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Legislative Updates 

EV Mandate Town Hall Meeting #1 - Recorded live

EV Town Hall in Sussex Recording

Posted on 03-21-2023  *Button links to DE Sussex GOP website

How to use this Legislative Updates website page

Bills of substantial interest will be posted each week under a related category. (See buttons in Legislation Category Column). Each of the six Category Buttons link to important bills of interest. A bill in green (go) text shows a bill to be supported. A bill in yellow (caution) text shows a bill to be monitored. A bill in red (stop) text shows a bill should be stopped.

You can
Track these bills using the Delaware Assembly Website button or "Legiscan" button. Find Session information on DE General Assembly link under "What's Happening" and "Live Proceedings" sections.

The next step is

  1. Testify before a committee - use button for tips or view info with "DE Committee Process"* button.

  2. Use "Contact your Legislator" button to reach out and get your voice heard.

  3. Use "Write Letters to the Editor" button to get tips and info.

  4. Register for weekly Call to Action zoom calls* hosted by Jane Brady to stay in the know.

Additional information is provided using buttons in Useful Information section.

* button links to DE Sussex GOP website

Legislation Category

Track Bills

Button below links to Delaware Assembly home website page.

Follow all DE Legislation with LegiScan button below.

Find Session information on DE General Assembly link under "What's Happening" and "Live Proceedings" sections.

Action! Action! Action!

 1. Testify

 2. Contact you Legislator

 3. Write Letters to the Editor

 4. * Register for Call to Action-

Mondays, 8 AM to 8:45 AM

Useful Information

Why showing up in Dover Matters

With thanks to Robert Overmiller, a Dover veteran!

So, you want to stop the passage of a bill? Does it matter if you show up to Dover and speak to the members of the committee hearing a bill? Yes, and it really makes a difference according to Dover veteran Robert Overmiller. He shares some examples of wins. When 250 contractors opposed a bill, the committee did not release a bill, meaning it was dead on arrival. When over 300 persons were in the committee room and just 6 testified, another gun bill failed before it got off the starting plate. So how does it work? When you arrive to Legislative Hall, on or before 9:30 am on the day a bill will be heard in committee, clear security then go to the reception area of the House or Senate where the hearing will be held. Confirm the time and place of the hearing of interest and while you wait visit the offices of your Senators and Reps. Please be respectful as you move around building and know some Rep. and senators will not want to talk with you.  They will send out their legislative aid to meet you. Be nice to them! Just before the hearing starts, enter the room and wait your turn. To know what to say have a look at Testify Before a Committee for useful tips! Let us know how you are going. 

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