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Legislative Updates 


This page is designed to help you navigate the Delaware General Assembly with tools, resources, and links.

How to use the Legislative Updates  page

The Legislation Information column has buttons that link to the Republican House Updates and the Republican Senate Updates, where you can read about pending bills.


You can Track all Delaware legislation using the either the DE General Assembly Website button or Legiscan button. Check out the "What's Happening" and "Live Proceedings" sections while you're there. You can also find Legislation Bills of interest using the Did you Know?,  Brent Burdge Report, and DFPC Legislative Updates buttons.


  1. Testify before a committee - use button for tips 

  2. Use Contact your Legislator button to reach out and get your voice heard.

  3. Use Write Letters to the Editor button to get tips and info.

Find additional information using buttons in
Resources section.

Legislation Information

Track Bills

Did you know?

from the desk of Michele Forzley,

Legislation and Research

Committee Chair

​House and Senate Bills you may wish to follow.

Northern New Castle County Region Republican Committee

Legislative Awareness Group
Brent Burdge  Report

Delaware Family Policy Council

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Please email Michele Forzley, Legislation and Research

Committee Chair, at

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