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JUNE Meeting Highlights

Sherry Long Given Flags for Heroes Award

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At our June meeting, Sherry Long (center) was honored with Flags for Heroes 2022 Award presented by Gale White (left) and Jane Thompson (right). 

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Two Sussex County Seniors Receive SCRWC
Lillian Martin Memorial 2022 Scholarships

Mikayla Beth Dayton.png
Mikayla Beth Dayton from Sussex Academy High School Awarded $2,500.
Mikayla will attend Virginia Wesleyan University in September 2022.

Mikayla, for the last two weeks has been in Alamba preparing to represent Delaware at the 65th Annual Distinguished Young Women National Finals from June 23rd - 25th at the Mobile Civic Center Theater.  Mikayla is honored to be awarded the Lillian Martin Memorial 2022 Scholarship and is disappointed she will not be able to thank everyone personally at our June 22nd Sussex County Republican Women's Club, Inc. dinner.  

Kendall Angel Coleman .jpeg
Kendall Angel Coleman Awarded $1,500.
Kendall will attend James Madison University in September 2022.

Kendall is in Port Charles right now on a deserved vacation with her family.  Kendall is very honored to receive our scholarship of $1,500 and is disappointed she cannot thank the women of the Sussex County Republican Women's Club, in person.   Kendall will be able to use the Scholarship Award towards her education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she will be majoring in Computer Science.  Spending more time towards her studies and involvement at JMU school marching band and worry less about future college debt.

JUNE Meeting Guest Speakers

Carl Phelps_edited.jpg
Carl J Phelps
Candidate for Representative District 14

Candidate Carl Phelps wants to represents our needs to the State, with his main goal to be “Unseat Pete”!

Douglas Hudson_edited_edited.jpg
Douglas B Hudson
Candidate for Re-
election for
County Council District 4

Doug Hudson spoke on how property reassessment in our County will proceed and is very proud of his current support of public safely programs and land preservation for open spaces in Sussex.

Dr Jeffrey Hilvosky_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Jeff Hilovsky
Candidate for Representative District 4

As candidate for a Representative of the 4th District, Dr. Hilovsky feels it is time to change direction of our State and stressed it is “Time to Act and Time to Do!”

Bradley Layfield_edited_edited.jpg
Bradley Layfield
Candidate for Representative District 4

Bradley Layfield comes from a family dedicated to public service and currently is the principal of Sussex Central High School. He wants to work with parents and feels that schools should teach children “how to think, not what to think!”

Bob Lee_edited.jpg
Robert T. Lee
Candidate for Re-election for Sussex County Sheriff

Bob Lee seeks re-election for the office of County Sheriff, a position he has held since 2016. He responded to questions with his views on campaign signs currently displayed on private vs public properties.

Ellen Magee_edited_edited.jpg
Ellen Magee
Sussex County’s Register of Wills

As the Register of Wills since 2021, Ellen Magee promises, if elected, to continue the momentum she had created in this office and provide the best possible service to residents of the county.

MAY Meeting Guest Speakers

Janice Lorrah.JPG

Janice Lorrah, candidate for Auditor of Accounts, spoke on how she plans to ring accountability and transparency to the people.

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Greg Coverdale.JPG

Greg Coverdale, candidate for Delaware Treasurer, will bring his financial certifications from Wharton School of Business and Harvard and experience as a financial advisor to Dover as the State Treasurer.

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Lisa Hudson Briggs for Bradley Layfield.JPG

Lisa Hudson Briggs advised the audience that Brad Layfield, candidate for DE House of Representatives, 4th District, would be speaking at the June 22 meeting.

Scott Dailey.JPG

Scott Dailey, candidate for another term as the Recorder of Deeds, explained the responsibilities of his position and that his office handled a record number of 58,000 documents and proposed a smaller budget than in the past.

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John Rieley.JPG

John Rieley, candidate for re-election as councilman for Sussex County District 5, spoke on his prior experience and his track record of balancing the budget, ensuring that Sussex County constituents know where every dollar is spent.

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Candice Green Wilkinson.JPG

Candice Green Wilkinson, candidate for Register of Wills, spoke of “growing up in this office” while her mother, Cindy Green was the Register of Wills.

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April Meeting Highlights

At our April meeting, Carole Andrejko (center), our Membership Chairperson, welcomed new members Jacqueline Perry (left) and Brenda Dunning (right).

Greg Fuller, candidate for Register of Wills, shared a personal story that illustrated his character and his desire to serve his community.

Read Greg's full bio here.

Dallas Wingate, candidate for DE House of Representatives, feels the "Tide is changing... " and looks beyond the party to focus on common objectives.

Read Dallas's full bio here.

George Chambers, a new Associate Member, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to our recent fundraising event, "Don't Be Lonesome Tonight."

Steve Smyk  is the Republican candidate for the 6th Senate District. Representative Steve Smyk is a Delaware native and a graduate of Sussex Central High School and Delaware Technical & Community College. Although first elected to the Delaware House of Representatives in 2012, Rep. Smyk began his life of public service much earlier. He is a Delaware Army National Guard veteran and served 24-years on the Delaware State Police, rising to become the President of the Delaware State Troopers Association. During his tenure in the General Assembly, Rep. Smyk has been a consistent member of six House committees. An outspoken authority on public safety issues, he has twice been recognized as a “Legislator of the Year” by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his efforts to reduce alcohol-related crashes. He has been on and chaired several Legislative task forces and continues to be sought as a valued member on legislative committees. He and his wife of 33 years have three adult children. He is currently finishing his fifth term in office representing the people of the 20th District.

MARCH Meeting Guest Speakers

Lee Murphy, Candidate for U. S. Congress –

Lee participated by phone on the day of our meeting in the Senator Sarah McBride’s hearing for bill to allow children to play sports with gender of choice. He encourages we support Senator’s Richardson’s bill for children to play in sports with children of same biology when they were born.

He outlined some of his platform (support policy, maintain strong military, become emergency independent again, etc.) and suggests that the only way to make a change is to elect Republicans. To offset the heavy blue vote in New Castle County, Sussex needs to turn out to vote like it was a presidential election.

Julianne Murray, Candidate for DE Attorney General -

Julianne Murray is running on a “Law and Order” platform. Her law practice experience makes her a perfect fit for this position. She is a person of action, passion and looks forward to being the “Top Cop” and enforcing the laws that are written. Her priorities are:

  1. Restore public safety 

  2. Keep politics out of the job

  3. Enforce the Law.

She is fearless about this election and is confident she can win if there is a good turnout of republicans in Sussex County.

FEBRUARY Meeting Guest Speaker

Our February meeting speaker, Ocean View Police Chief Kenneth M. McLaughlin, has been "on the job" for 31 years, always with a heavy focus on our drug epidemic. His first year on the job he personally had 122 drug arrests. Over the years he has changed his focus from users to dealers.  Sadly the dealers target middle school age children who are susceptible to new "edibles" and vaping. Vaping is sold in flavors, like bubblegum, which appeal to kids. It is also odorless so can be used undetected at home and in school washrooms. He alerted the group to the DE General Assembly's bill to legalize marijuana. His experience proves this is a gateway drug to other drugs. (Editor's note - Though  not all marijuana users go on to harder drugs, the majority of hard drug users started with marijuana.) He feels legalizing marijuana sends a message to children that it is safe to use, when it is not. Most of what is being sold is synthetic, all carcinogenic and often laced with fentanyl.  Also the potency varies greatly from one source to another, making unexpected overdosing more possible. ​He strongly urged the group to contact the Governor Carney through his website to express our concerns about legalization of marijuana and the message it sends to children. Chief McLaughlin also addressed the Police Reform Bill and the strength of the wording the in DE Constitution on the ownership and use of guns. ​There was a spirited discussion after his presentation on may drug related experiences of members of the audience. 

Marilyn Booker, President  of SCRWC; Kenneth K McLaughlin, Chief of Police, Ocean View, DE: Cathy Watts, Past President of DE Federation of Republican Women

JANUARY Meeting Guest Speaker

Marilyn Booker, President  of SCRWC; Nandi Randolf, M. Ed, Policy Analyst of the Delaware Family Policy Council

Our January meeting guest speaker was Nandi Randolf, M. Ed, Policy Analyst of the Delaware Family Policy Council  ( After explaining her transition from teaching high school science to her current career, she reviewed several bills in the current legislative session. Here are their status as of the date of our meeting:

  • ​HB 140 - End of life options - Out of committee, on the Ready List

  • SR22 - Affirm parents rights to bring action against School Boards - defeated

  • SB195 - Digital Citizenship Education Act - committee hearings taking place

  • SB206 - Comparative Political Ideology Instruction - awaiting consideration in committee

  • HB199 - DE Constitution amendment relating to equal rights based on gender - committee hearings taking place

  • HB165 - Human composting - committee hearings taking place.

Ms. Randolf took several questions from the audience.