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2023 Club Meetings 

May Meeting Highlights

Our speaker for May's meeting was Michael Vincent, Council President of the 5 member Sussex County Council. He explained the many projects underway by the council, fielding questions on many. Highlights are: DELDOT has committed $1B ( yes, billion) to roads in Sussex County, the Business Park behind the airport is progressing, Paramedics will now be carrying whole blood, (O Negative) in ambulances, the new paramedic training center will be opening soon which includes a certified laboratory, and 90% of real estate transfer tax received by the county goes to public safety.


There has been a national increase in real estate fraud. The County offers a notification system to property owners. To receive a Property Fraud Alert, register on the Sussex County website with the Recorder of Deeds. Look for Recording Activity Notification to get an email notification every time a land record is recorded in a registered name.  Staff in the Recorder of Deeds office are very helpful if you need assistance.

2023 5 24 meeting Michael Vincent speake

Guest speaker: Michael Vincent, Sussex County Council President

News from SCRWC President

Marilyn Booker SCRWCPresident 05242023.jpg

Club President , Marilyn Booker, updated members on recent training for a Youth Outreach program, a recent State Executive Committee meeting, and results of recent school board elections, among other things.

SCRWC New Scholarship Chair

Hope Whaley Scholarship Chair_edited.jpg

Hope Whaley, our new chairperson for the Scholarship Committee shared her objectives for the 2024 awards. Applicants to trade and technical schools will be added to eligible candidates. Meetings with Del Tech are scheduled to determine their students financial needs.

April Meeting Highlights

The club was educated and amused by Loren Spivack at this months meeting. He is the founder of “Free Market Warrior” in 2009 which attempts  to make a positive difference in the American politics and economics.  He spoke on the current division in our country and his simple description of socialism..(A)someone has a vision and (B)that person believes that they are entitled to use the Power of State to impose that vision on anyone outside their vision…..sound familiar????


Mr. Spivack has written seven books, under the pen name of Dr. Truth, which are parodies of  several political personalities and families using characters similar to familiar Dr. Suess characters. They are written in rhymes with clever illustrations.  He has introduced  his latest book “Kamalot” about the Biden Family and Kamala Harris.

2023 4 26 speaker Loren Spivack_edited.jpg

Marilyn Booker (SCRWC Chair) introduces guest speaker, Loren Spivak, economist and author.

SCRWC New Member

2023 4 26 Kin Stevenson new member_edited.jpg

We welcomed one of our newest members, Kim Stevenson, with a New Member packet from Carole Andrejko, our membership Chairperson.


March Meeting Highlights

37th District Representative Ruth Briggs King, a SCRWC club member and the only GOP female elected to the DE General Assembly, updated members on some things going on in Dover. She spoke on the woke agenda distracting us from significant changes in our society.

The first of five Town Hall Meetings on the governor’s EV mandate had an overwhelming turnout. (A recording of the evening is available on our home page along with future Town Hall Meeting dates.)

She also advised that our Senator Chris Coons recently made a visit to our southern border. His reaction was “There is a crisis!”…”The Border is Broken!”???? Better late than never….

Ruth Briggs King guest

Guest speaker: 37th District Representative Ruth Briggs King

May 9th School Board Candidates

Shane Bowden.JPG

Shane Bowden - Delmar School District Candidate

Michael Bellerose.JPG

Michael Bellerose - Indian River School District Candidate

Area School Board elections on Tuesday, May 9thwill see some strong conservative candidates, and not all Republicans. Shane Bowden - Delmar School District (left) , Michael Bellerose - Indian River School District (right) and Shawn Lovenguth - Cape Henlopen School District (not pictured) all presented their goals if elected. A consistent theme was safety for students and teachers, which they feel does not exist in all schools.


NOTE: If you are not sure where you are eligible to vote or want an absentee ballot for the school board elections, go to

SCRWC New Members

Shirley Heisey_edited.jpg

New member Shirley Heisey was introduced by our membership chair, Carole Anderjko.

Nancy Kelly_edited.jpg

New member, Nancy Kelly also received her New Membership packet from membership chair, Carole Andrejko.

February Meeting Highlights


Cathy Watts, past DFRW President, welcomes guest speaker Dr. Kevin Carson, Superintendent of Sussex County Vocational Technical School District.


Our featured speaker, Dr, Kevin Carson, addressed SCRWC members at the February meeting. Dr. Carson is the Superintendent of  Sussex Vocational School which is listed in the top 10 high schools in Delaware.  He explained the function of the school and mentioned they have a low dropout rate and an outstanding graduation rate.  Plans are in the works for a new school which is approximately 4 years away.

January Meeting Highlights

IMG_6114 (2)_edited.jpg

New Members, Hope Whaley(L) and Byrn Smith (R) were introduced and welcomed to our club by Membership Chair, Carole Andrejko (C).

2023 1 Dr David Legates Climatologist_ed

Guest speaker Dr. David Legates, C.C.M., a climatologist and a former Delaware state climatologist.

2023 1 Presentation.JPG

At our 1/25/23 meeting we were entertained and educated by Dr. David Legates, C.C.M., a climatologist and a former Delaware state climatologist. He presented documented evidence that support “global warming crisis” as exaggerated. Charts and graph showed minimal changes back as far as 1895, as well as evidence that CO2 emissions support plant growth, which many feel is beneficial. Delaware is a member of RGGI, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cooperative effort among 12 eastern states to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel (coal, oil & natural gas) power plants. [Although the RGGI is often called a “cap and trade” program, its effect is the same as a direct tax or fee on emissions because RGGI allowance costs are passed on from electric generators to distribution companies to consumers. Could this be the reason for the DELMARVA rate increase last month?????]

This is a very broad topic, and our speaker piqued the interest in many listeners to learn more, especially in light of Gov. Carney’s proposed DNREC regulation change.  Read more in the 1/23 edition of the Delaware Times.

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