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Welcome! Come join us!


 Thank you for visiting our Website.  We are the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club, Inc.  We are an active group that provides financial and campaign support to Republican Candidates running for local, statewide, and federal offices.


We are seeking Republican women and men who wish to be informed, stay engaged and be involved in campaigns.  We also manage to have a lot of fun.

Our meetings have interesting speakers and as the Election Season heats up, we always host each candidate.  They are very anxious to speak with our members, knowing we will assist them as they pursue elected office.

It has never been more important to elect Republicans in Delaware.  Common sense seems to have eluded many members of the Democrat party.  We must gain seats in the General Assembly to avoid the progressives having a super-majority.  It is crucial to maintaining the quality of life we enjoy here in Sussex County.  

As a mom, the notion of any governmental agency inserting itself between me and my children is abhorrent.  I do not want the government telling me what type of car I may drive.  I don’t understand how any party claiming to be so concerned about the environment and wildlife would promote offshore windmills that destroy fisheries, kill whales and disrupt waterfowl migratory paths.  The reason the U.S. Coast Guard is concerned about these eyesores is because they interrupt radar signals as they are on search missions.  We have to take a stand and reinsert common sense into this body.

Please join us to assist with our mission of electing Republicans to Delaware elected offices. We are waiting for you.


Marilyn Booker

SCRWC President


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