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We are a Diamond Award winning club, part of the National Federation of Republican Women with over 65,000 members nationally, building leaders, energizing communities and keeping America strong. NFRW empowers women from all backgrounds in the political process and provides a forum for women to serve as leaders in the political, government, and civic arenas.

Marilyn and Dianna with 2023 Diamond Award_edited.jpg

At the Delaware Federation of Republican Women’s Annual Convention in October, the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club was again awarded a Diamond Award from the National Federation of Republican Women.


This award recognizes achievements in campaign activities, programs, community relations and State functions.


Our Communications Secretary, Dianna Robertson, accepted the award certificate of behalf of the club.

One of our shining stars........


  To support the missions of the National Federation of Republican Women, Inc. and the Delaware Federation of Republican Women, Inc.

To promote an informed electorate through political education.

To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation.

To facilitate cooperation among Republican Women's clubs.

To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its philosophy.

  To work for the election of Republican candidates endorsed by the Republican Party.


Blessed is she who stands firmly for good government, for she shall be needed.
Blessed is she who works steadily for her nation, for she shall be happy. 
Blessed is she who believes in the cause she serves, for she shall be respected. 
Blessed is she who gives credit to her helpers, for she shall be successful. 
Blessed is she who has faith in her fellow man, for she shall be justified. 
Blessed is she who, when others criticize her, and say all manner of evil about her, has the strength of character to forgive, the strength of purpose to carry on, and the strength of body to continue, for she shall be called a leader in the Federation of Republican Women.
By Charlotte Mousel
President, Southern Division, CFRW 1976-1977; President, CFRW 1978-79
Second Vice President, NFRW 1986-1989
First Vice President, NFRW 1990-1993
California Republican National Committeewoman 1989-1996

SCRWC has been going strong since 1952 and meets the fourth Wednesday of each month September through June. (See Club Meetings above for details of the next meeting.) We offer friendship, political education and fellowship to other women who share our Republican values. We enjoy access to our elected officials that is not easy to have otherwise.

One of our main objectives is to raise money to help qualified candidates get elected and reelected to Sussex County, State and Federal Offices. We hold various fundraisers to help raise the money needed. 2024 will have many candidates that need our support.

Our website offers up to date information on our Club, our county and our Republican Party. 

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