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Make Your Voice Heard

Testify Before Committee

Note: The following talking points have been provided by one of Delaware's finest senators, Senator Bryant Richardson.

Your testimony can make the difference!

Committee chairs who are committed to certain bills (or against them) will try to minimize opportunities for their political opponents to testify.  Don't let this dissuade you. 

1. Useful tips:

  • Keep a list of the bills you like or dislike Frequently check for meeting dates and times

  • Prepare early. If the meetings are days or weeks away, this gives you time to prepare a powerful message.


2. Sign up to testify:

  • Go to

  • Go to Home - Delaware General Assembly

  • Go to ‘What’s Happening’ for a list of committee meetings

  • Find the committee hearing you want (you may have to scroll down) Select Register for Meeting (or click on the meeting link)
    Fill out the form and register to testify



3. Make your testimony powerful.

  • Identify yourself and reason for testifying

  • Have strong/memorable closing statement

  • Keep comments to under 2 minutes to avoid being cut off in mid sentence

  • Rehearse and time your testimony

  • Make sure any facts/statistics you use are easily verifiable Personal stories that evoke emotions are powerful

  • When telling stories in particular, make sure you stay within the time limit.​

Giving a Speech
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