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Sussex Teenage Republicans Discover Delaware Constitution; New Course Begins April 29

Institute on the Constitution Facilitates State-of-the-Art Instruction for STARS Members

Georgetown, Del., April 26—In partnership with the Institute on the Constitution ( the First State’s first Teen Age Republican club (STARS) will be embarking this week on a new course to learn all about Delaware’s founding principles. This comprehensive foray into the Delaware Constitution, adopted in 1776, will give these young students critical perspective in framing the issues they encounter in their everyday lives.

U.S. Capitol.

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“I could not be more pleased to team up with this nationally recognized organization right in our backyard,” says Dr. Michelle Parsons, one of the sponsors of STARS, referring to the Institute on the Constitution, which based in Pasadena, Maryland.

The series of lectures will focus on what Delaware’s founders understood as the intent of government and how this translates into the empowering of each citizen.

The course begins on Friday April 29th at 6:30 PM in Fenwick Island, Delaware. Those interested can be emailed the exact location by contacting STARS at

All teenagers aged 12 to 19 are invited to join the STARS club as they embark on this journey of living history by learning about the Constitution. Students and parents can learn more about this dynamic and growing organization by visiting the STARS website at


Sussex Teen Age Republicans—STARS—are a motivated group of local 12-to-19-year-olds who are interested in good government and policies that have made and continue to make the United States the greatest country on earth. Young citizens who become part of STARS enjoy fun, educational social events while getting firsthand experience in the political process. They learn organizational and leadership skills and gain great insight into the local, national, and international issues that impact their lives. Many STARS alums have gone on to hold prominent GOP offices.

About the Institution on the Constitution

The Institute on the Constitution is a think-tank and educational organization based in Pasadena, Maryland. The institute is a project of the American College of Cultural Studies. The institute's aim "is intended to reconnect Americans to the history of the American Republic and to their heritage of freedom under the law." The institute educates students about American history and constitutional government from a "constitutional conservative" perspective.

Media Contacts:

Michelle Parsons, sponsor of Sussex Teen Age Republicans, email:

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