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SCRWC, Delaware Family Policy Council Take Aim at 2022 Legislative Agenda

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Nandi Randolph, Policy Analyst for DFPC, Keynotes January Member Luncheon for Sussex County Republican Women

GEORGETOWN, Del., Jan. 30—Sussex County Republican Women’s Club members are wasting no time in confronting the most pressing issues facing Delaware voters in 2022. Enthused members left their first monthly meeting last Wednesday, following an in-depth presentation from Nandi Randolph, with greater understanding, solid resolutions, and clear action items in hand.

Nandi Randolph of the Delaware Family Policy Council and Marilyn Booker, president of Sussex County Republican Women's Club
Marilyn Booker, president of Sussex County Republican Women's Club and Nandi Randolph of the Delaware Family Policy Council

Randolph, former honors and advanced placement teacher, now policy expert at the Delaware Family Policy Council, highlighted the following bills most likely to transform the lives of all Delawareans. They include:

  • HB 140—A bill amending end-of-life statutes, introducing an option for physician-assisted suicide

  • HB 150 & HB 305—A bill creating the Delaware Marijuana Control Act

  • SB 195—A bill amending “media literacy” in schools, which seeks to shape students’ interpretation of civic issues

  • HB 199—A bill expanding the scope of “equal rights” in the Delaware constitution to include sexual orientation and gender identity

  • HB 165—A bill amending DE code relating to human remains to include “human composting”

Randolph also went over some critical bills that have already passed during the prior legislative session, or which were voted down; among them:

  • SR 22Defeated. A resolution which would have condemned federal action against parents and reaffirmed parents’ rights to bring grievances to school boards

  • SB 206In limbo. A bill which would have amended title 14 to provide students with instruction of comparative political ideologies, including communism and totalitarianism, which conflict with the principles of freedom and democracy

  • SB 105Passed. Amendment to Delaware code allowing pharmacists to dispense contraceptives without a prescription

In summing up the state of current pending legislation in Delaware, Randolph noted that “This is not over. With over 10,000 subscribers across the state, the Delaware Family Policy Council is just beginning its efforts to increase awareness of these legislative changes in Delaware.” The Sussex County Republican women present at the meeting pledged their enthusiastic support in this effort.

The next SCRWC meeting will be held on Feb. 23, 2022, at Mulligan's Pointe in Georgetown.

About Delaware Family Policy Council

Founded in 2008, the mission of Delaware Family Policy Council (DFPC) is rebuilding a culture of life, marriage, family, and religious freedom; advocating for family and cultivating courageous leaders. Strong families are critical, foundational, to preserving freedom. DFPC is the leading parental rights organization in our state and is allied with the most credible pro-family organizations in the nation.

To learn more about DFPC and sign up for their alerts, including Nandi’s legislative updates, go to

About Sussex County Republican Women’s Club

It is the mission of the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club to assist in the election of Republican candidates, act as an advocate for the Republican Party’s principles, and empower women to participate in the political process. SCRWC, the largest Republican Women’s Club in Delaware, has been actively engaging women in the political process for more than seven decades.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live the under rule of fools.” —Plato

Media Contact:

Marilyn Booker, president of Sussex County Republican Women, Nandi Randolph, policy analyst, DFPC,

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