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Newsmax, Trump and Early Voting Updates


145 days until the election of our lifetime. I know that many of us have said in previous elections that THIS election is the most important election but as it relates to this upcoming election, it really is. Ideologically the progressive left wants to fundamentally change our state and our nation and, here in Delaware, if they get a super majority in the House, they CAN change our state by amending our Constitution and no one can stop it. You read that correctly – a Governor CANNOT stop a super majority. Only the voters can. And we must!  

Many of you know that I told President Trump that we could deliver Delaware to him – and we can. I am hearing that people think that I am only focused on the national election and that I am not locally focused and are citing my appearances on NewsMax as “proof” that I am only focused on national politics. 

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Let me address this to dispel any misconceptions – my appearances on NewsMax started because I wanted to elevate the profile of the DEGOP. Every time I appear I am identified as the State Chair of the Delaware GOP. These “hits” last a couple of minutes at the most and largely happen during my workday as an attorney. Google analytics show that people search about the DEGOP, and we can tie donations in WinRed to appearances. My goal of elevating our profile and getting people across the nation to know that the Delaware Republican Party is alive and well has been met. 

When I ran for the Chair, I said that we need to be focused on the Delaware House and Senate races – and that has not changed. When I stepped aside and did not formally announce that I was running for Governor, it was because we needed to be focused on the Delaware House and Senate races. We have met with the House leadership, and we are all working toward the same goal – pick up seats where we can, defend our current seats and stop the super majority. I have never lost sight of that goal and I am committed to seeing this through and supporting our candidates. We CAN and WILL win! 

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Last week we went to Washington DC for a fundraiser. In the course of “working the room” meeting with donors. I informed Senator Marco Rubio, and Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Thomas Massie that the GOP is alive and well in Delaware and that we committed to taking down Joe Biden. Needless to say, they were happy to hear that Delaware is not as “blue” as everyone thinks. 

On Wednesday, Nick Miles and I attended oral argument at the Delaware Supreme Court on early voting. I wanted to show support to Jane Brady on this very important issue.  The Delaware DOJ hired a former Solicitor General of the United States to argue on their behalf (that is how badly they want the Superior Court argument overturned) but Jane was extremely well prepared and did a hell of a good job with the Court. I do not know when we will have a decision in this case but imagine it will be within a month. 

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Last housekeeping item – we are working on the website to make all my Murray Minutes available and to highlight all of our candidates - not just statewide candidates – all our candidates. 

Remember – teamwork is essential and the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts…

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