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Sussex County Republican Women’s Club Announces the Installation of Seven New Board Members

Leadership team ready to engage in one of the most important election years in a generation.

Georgetown, Del., Feb. 15—Sussex County Republican Women’s Club (SCRWC) announced today the installation of seven outstanding women to lead the organization during what promises to be a critical election year. These elected officers will lead the organization with the support of the standing committees and membership, in conjunction with the Delaware Federation of Republican Women.

LR: Jane Brady, DEGOP Chair; Marilyn Booker, SCRWC President; Carole Andrejko, 1st Vice President; Adrienne Ponzini, 2nd Vice President; Nancy Burdette, Treasurer; Kris Kessler, Asst. Treasurer; Deb Czajkowski, Secretary; Sherry Long, Communications Secretary

The Honorable Jane Brady, Chair of the Delaware State Republican Committee, officiated at the swearing in and oath of office of the new board. New and reelected members include:

Marilyn Booker, President

Carolyn Andrejko, 1st Vice President

Adrienne Ponzini, 2nd Vice President

Nancy Burdette, Treasurer

Kris Kessler, Assistant Treasurer

Debra Czajkowski, Recording Secretary

Sherry Long, Corresponding Secretary/Communications

The Sussex County Republican Women’s Club has experienced significant growth in the last two years, with new members excited to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in the political landscape. “This is my first year as a member,” notes Barbara Crowell, who signed up in 2021, “and I love the information and enthusiasm I have witnessed at these meetings.”

Marilyn Booker, who is now serving her second term as president, and who also chairs the Sussex County Republican Committee, believes that both organizations are poised in this election cycle to increase GOP gains at many levels: “We have a wonderful team of women, committed to our mission of electing and reelecting Republican candidates. We welcome all Republican women to join us in working toward good government.”

About Sussex County Republican Women’s Club

It is the mission of the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club to assist in the election of Republican candidates, act as an advocate for the Republican Party’s principles, and empower women to participate in the political process. SCRWC, the largest Republican Women’s Club in Delaware, has been actively engaging women in the political process for more than seven decades.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live the under rule of fools.” —Plato

Media Contact:

Marilyn Booker, President, Sussex County Republican Women’s Club,

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Feb 19, 2022

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