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Sussex County GOP Enjoys Strong Showing at This Year’s 'Festival Hispano' in Georgetown

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

GEORGETOWN, Del., Sept. 27—Amidst great hustle and bustle at this year’s Hispanic Festival, large numbers of Hispanics of all persuasions flocked to the two GOP booths on the main thoroughfare to check out new points of view and partake in games and lighthearted swag for all ages. Many were also happy to take home pocket Constitutions and Declarations of Independence.

GOP volunteers attend this year’s Hispanic Festival in Georgetown.

In addition to the Sussex County GOP, the 38th District Republican Club PAC also made their presence known, manning a fun-filled red tent in support of Republican candidates. Julianne Murray, Republican candidate for Attorney General, and Lee Murphy, who is running for U.S. Congress, both came by and spoke with constituents.

“What was really surprising and encouraging was the very positive reception we received from the Hispanic community,” said Michelle Parsons, president of the 38th District Republican Club PAC. “I was impressed with how many supported and agreed with Republican and conservative ideals, especially our support for small business- and family-friendly legislation, as well parental involvement in local schools. Hispanic parents seemed very keen on having the ability to know and influence what their children are being taught. When we attended this festival last year, easily 99% of attendees were much more in support of the Democrat party.”

Julianne Murray passes out flyers at this year’s Hispanic Festival in Georgetown on Sept. 18th.

“Hispanic people are warm, and family is at the center of their social structure,” added Ken Reuter, who has helped man the Sussex County GOP booth two years in a row. “They have a strong religious balance, are extremely hard-working, and believe in many of the things championed by the Republicans currently running for office.

The Festival Hispano takes place each year in Georgetown. It was sponsored this year by First State Community Action and The Voice Radio Network, and is a great way to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of the Hispanic cultural heritage in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Attendees enjoy music and dances performed by local, national, and international groups, traditional arts and crafts, and of course delicious traditional food with an emphasis on Latino cuisine.

About the Sussex County Republican Committee

The Sussex County Republican Committee is a grassroots organization that strives to create an environment that holds dear our God-given rights and fosters an informed and active citizenry. It is the mission of the Sussex County Republican Committee to assist in the election of Republican candidates, to act as an advocate for the Republican Party’s principles, and to empower citizens to participate in the political process.

Media Contacts:

Marilyn Booker, Chair, Sussex County Republican Committee


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