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Six Candidates for Delaware Office Speak at Republican Women’s Dinner in Georgetown

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Two Sussex County High School Seniors Receive SCRWC

Lillian Martin Memorial 2022 Scholarships

Sherry Long Given ‘Flags for Heroes’ Award

As election season moves into full swing, six candidates for Sussex County offices spoke at the final Republican Women’s Club meeting before summer break. The following candidates delivered remarks before a packed crowd on June 22:

  • Carl J. Phelps, Candidate for Representative District 14

  • Dr. Jeff Hilovsky, Candidate for Representative District 4

  • Bradley Layfield, Candidate for Representative District 4

  • Douglas Hudson, Candidate for Re-election for County Council District 4

  • Ellen Magee, Candidate for Re-election, Sussex County's Register of Wills

  • Robert T. Lee, Candidate for Re-election for Sussex County Sheriff

Top Row, LR: Carl J. Phelps, candidate for Representative District 14; Dr. Jeff Hilovsky, candidate for Representative District 4, Bradley Layfield, candidate for Representative District 4; Bottom Row, LR: Douglas Hudson, candidate for re-election, County Council District 4; Ellen Magee, candidate for re-election, Sussex County Register of Wills, Sheriff Robert T. Lee, candidate for re-election, Sussex County Sheriff.

Among the six candidates, two will be facing primary challengers. They are Dr. Jeff Hilovsky and Bradley Layfield, both running for Legislative District 4 in the Republican primary, and Ellen Magee, who will be running against fellow Republicans Greg Fuller and Candice Green Wilkinson for Register of Wills. The Delaware Primary will be held on Tuesday, September 13.

Each candidate briefly shared their bios and goals should they win elected office. More information on each of these six candidates can be found on the Sussex County Republican Women’s website,

Before the speakers took the stage, the women’s club announced the names of the two high school seniors who won the SCRWC Lillian Martin Memorial 2022 Scholarships. They are Mikayla Beth Dayton from Sussex Academy High School, who was awarded $2,500. Mikayla will attend Virginia Wesleyan University in September 2022. Also, Kendall Angel Coleman, the Lillian Martin Memorial Scholarship runner up was awarded $1,500. Kendall will attend James Madison University in September 2022.

Finally, Peg Hood Award winner and SCRWC member Shelly Long was honored with the Flags for Heroes 2022 Award for her military service and for continuing to inspire and shape the lives of citizens in Sussex County. The award was presented by Gale White and Jane Thompson.

About Sussex County Republican Women’s Club

It is the mission of the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club to assist in the election of Republican candidates, act as an advocate for the Republican Party’s principles, and empower women to participate in the political process. SCRWC, the largest Republican Women’s Club in Delaware, has been actively engaging women in the political process for more than seven decades.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live the under rule of fools.” —Plato

Media Contact:

Marilyn Booker, President, Sussex County Republican Women’s Club,

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