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Debate Announced for Republican Delaware Attorney General Candidates Ahead of September Primary

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Julianne Murray, Chuck Welch to Debate on April 1 in Millsboro

Georgetown, Del., March 14—The Sussex County Republican Committee announced the date and moderator for the one-and-only primary debate in Sussex County scheduled between former gubernatorial candidate Julianne Murray and retired Kent County judge Charles Welch. Both candidates are running for Delaware Attorney General, an office currently held by Democrat Kathy Jennings.

Delaware Attorney General debate flyer
Julianne Murray, Chuck Welch to debate April 1, 2022, in Millsboro.

The debate will take place at 7 p.m. on April 1 at the Indian River Senior Center in Millsboro. It will be moderated by conservative WDEL radio host Rick Jensen.

Both candidates are running on platforms that focus on public safety.

Murray, who built her own legal practice in Georgetown from the ground up, has vowed, if elected, to make Delaware streets safe again, while backing the blue. “Law enforcement feels like they’re not being supported by our current Attorney General,” said Murray. “I think people are worried about crime and protecting themselves, and I’m also concerned about the level of prosecution and keeping violent criminals off the street.”

Walsh has a parallel message to voters. If elected, he says he vows to restore public confidence in the Delaware Department of Justice and serve as a voice for victims of crime. “Statistically, about 30‑40 percent of convicted felons who are released from prison will return there within three years,” he noted. “While we can and should be willing to offer second chances to convicts that have demonstrated that they're worthy of an opportunity for a new beginning, such reprieves must be granted with extreme reluctance when it comes to violent offenders.”

Both candidates rate their chances of success high. Murray believes her run for governor in 2020 will help, because it’s given her some name recognition. Walsh, for his part, is well known in the community, having been a member of the Bar of the Delaware Supreme Court for over 35 years. He has also served in the General Assembly, as, among other things, Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. While there, he became known for his support of law enforcement and his work to improve Delaware’s criminal justice system.

Voters will have the chance to learn more about both candidates during their debate on April 1. Marilyn Booker, Chair of the Sussex County Republican Committee, expects the debate to be well attended.

About the Sussex County Republican Committee

The Sussex County Republican Committee is a grassroots organization that strives to create an environment that holds dear our God-given rights and fosters an informed and active citizenry. It is the mission of the Sussex County Republican Committee to assist in the election of Republican candidates, to act as an advocate for the Republican Party’s principles, and to empower citizens to participate in the political process.

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