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Comments from Sussex County GOP on Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks

GEORGETOWN, Del., Sept. 21—Marilyn Booker, Chair of the Sussex County Republican Committee, has issued the following statement today on the inexcusable anti-Semitic attacks that have recently taken place in Sussex County:

The hateful incident that occurred in Rehoboth Beach this week with bags of antisemitic flyers being thrown into residents’ yards is evidence of just how radical some in this country have become. There is no place for this in our country, our state, our county, or our neighborhoods. Make no mistake that we, the members of the Republican Party, emphatically denounce these actions and are hopeful the police will be able to identify those responsible. While we do not agree with the policies these members of the Biden Administration promote, attacking their religion will not change the policies, and denigrating someone’s religion is never acceptable.
We agree with Ms. Towers of the Seaside Jewish Community that readers should not scan the QR code on the flyers. Doing so will give the perpetrators the ability to contact you in the future and is not advisable.

Marilyn Booker, Chair

Sussex County Republican Committee

Media Contacts:

Marilyn Booker, Chair, Sussex County Republican Committee,


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