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Dr. Jeff Hilovsky - Candidate for DE House of Representatives
from the 4th District

Dr. Jeff Hilovsky

Candidate for RD 4


Dr. Hilovsky is a retired optometrist, Air Force Reserves Colonel, and businessman who is currently running for Representative District 4. 

In December of 2021 Hilovsky retired his optometrist practice, which he held for 38 yrs.  During this time, he owned four office locations employing seven doctors and over 25 staff members.  Dr. Hilovsky served as a consultant and regional medical director and network administrator for the largest independent eye doctor network in US for 22 years.  

Dr. Hilovsky has five main priorities, should he be elected to office:

  1. We need to strengthen public service, safety hire police and place them effectively;  and we need to enforce the law.  

  2. We need to support fire, EMS personnel is critical. Especially as our Sussex County population continues to grow,  we're going to need more fire, more police, more EMS personnel to support the population.   

  3. Economic growth and job creation.  We're not competitive in the marketplace.  We need to bring manufacturing back to Delaware. 

  4. Improve education:  Delaware currently ranks in lowest one-third of all states in education testing. A few short years ago we were in the top 15%.  We need to study and improve education, especially now that we're in a global marketplace.  

  5. Enhance our energy resources while sustaining the environment. We need to work with scientists to make sure the environment is thriving while simultaneously strengthening the energy grid.  We can harness needed energy while being kind and respectful to our environment, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Here are some other highlights from his noteworthy career:  

  • Served as US Air Force Reserves Colonel and Medical Commander for the 512th AW at Dover, DE, now retired

  • Originated, wrote, and implemented Leadership is a Lifestyle curriculum he VOLUNTEER teaches in 3 local high schools

  • Served as Adjunct Clinical Professor for University of Missouri

  • College of Optometry and Salus University College of Optometry

  • Served 2 terms as President, Delaware State Board of Optometry

  • Served as President, Delaware Optometric Association

  • Currently serves on the Easter Seals Sussex County Advisory Board for 23 years

  • Raised $5000 for LIONS Vision research Foundation at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center during COVID by riding his bicycle the length of the Erie Canal Towpath in NY

  • Raised over $700 for the Lord Baltimore LIONS Club Scholarship Program by riding his bicycle across the state of Michigan: Lake Michigan to Lake Huron

  • Led a Mission team to WV, to work at a home for boys with a troubled home life, and has been a part of another team serving at the same location for 4 yrs

  • Published 5 clinical related papers in scientific journals

Hilovsky has been married to his wife Marcia for 42 years, and the two have three grown children, two daughters in law, one son in law.  They also have three grandchildren—Natalie, Jaxon, Chloe— with 2 more on the way.