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Your $40 Annual Membership dues support all our activities:

·     Support for local and statewide Republican candidates

·     Scholarships awarded annually to young conservative women as they begin their                    post high school education.

·     Dictionaries given to underprivileged Sussex County grade school students each year.

·     Fund operations of the club 



  • Make Our Voices Stronger on issues important to women and all citizens.

    • Become Effective Leaders as volunteers on campaigns, issues, advocacy, and                     teamwork.

    • Activate and Support grassroots efforts to elect Republicans.

  • Membership in the Delaware Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women -- 1,200 clubs in all 50 states , which provide outstanding leadership, training and resources for us.

  • Stay Informed on local and national issues through local club and NFRW publications.

  • Be Influential along with more than 63,000 Republican Women!


And have LOTS OF FUN!!!

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