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September Monthly Message from Marilyn

September 15, 2023

Greetings, fellow Republicans,


If you did not attend the Region Meeting on 9/11/2023, I wanted to make certain you were aware of an initiative we are undertaking here in Sussex.  The objective is to recruit 300 volunteers to help us meet our goals of maintaining the seats we have in the General Assembly and taking back SD 6 and RD 20.  We also want to pick up RD 14.  If we have participation by the grassroots in Sussex, we can be successful.  We need everyone reading this to step up and become active.


The name of the initiative is “Signs of the Times” Campaign.  We are using a fun, creative way to address issues with the Sussex voters.  For those who remember the “Burma Shave” signs found along highways during the 50’s and 60’s, this will look familiar.  Remember how there were a series of signs with a cute phrase that rhymed?  The last sign was always Burma Shave.  One of their signs was, “No lady likes to snuggle or dine accompanied by a porcupine. Burma Shave”


We have started a contest to identify the best entry for a sign.  We are asking everyone to submit his/her entries this month and the Executive Committee will choose the winner of a $100 gift card at the meeting on October 3rd. 


In addition to the cute, creative, funny signs, we are requesting that each Representative District identify team to place the signs.  The plan is to place the signs in order on a highly traveled roadway or even on private property (with permission of course) on a main thoroughfare during drive time.  The sign will appear and then after the commute time will get picked up.  This will occur once a week on the same day each week.  It has also been suggested that a group carrying signs walk up and down the various boardwalks at the beaches.  A group might walk along a highway with the signs in order to get attention as well.  We want to start a buzz and hope the media, print and radio will pick it up.  Each week there will be a different sign.  We’ll have them printed and then rotate them among the 10 Representative Districts.


We really need volunteers to take on the responsibility of placing and removing the signs.  Please check with your RDC to volunteer or with Charlie Walter at :  We would also like to see them placed at the beginning of any high school events like football games.  We need to be certain that we are following the county’s rules for placement so we don’t get into trouble. 


Each series of signs will start with, “Need a sign…?”. The last sign will say, “Join the Sussex GOP.” The sign will have a QR code, website address and phone #. The following are a few of the ideas we think we may use:



Need a sign you should protest?                                 

Parents’ rights are under duress.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign the future’s bright?

Only the GOP will protect your rights.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign we’re in a mess?

Students’ scores don’t say success.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign there’s over-regulation?

Can’t buy a car with gas operation

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign 2A’s in jeopardy?

Owning a gun will soon be a memory.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign prices are too high?

We now have to worry about what to buy.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign Windmills should fail?

Check the shoreline for dead whales.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign to be a rebel?

Only 1 in 3 kids read at grade level.

Join the Sussex GOP


Need a sign Windmills are wrong?

Why put them where they don’t belong?

Join the Sussex GOP




Send your ideas to:

All submission become the property of the Sussex County Republican Committee


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