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June Monthly Message from Marilyn

June 14, 2024

Good afternoon SCRWC members and associates,


Ruth Briggs King, our long-time member and previous Representative of RD 37, formally announced her candidacy for Lt Governor today!  Some of you were able to attend her event at the old Georgetown Courthouse.  For those of you who we unable to attend, please see some of the pictures that Diana Robertson and Sherry Long were kind enough to share. 


I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to put our full support behind Ruth.  That means phone-banking, door-knocking, inviting neighbor for coffees or cocktail parties, and making donations.  You can make a contribution or volunteer to Ruth’s campaign here:

No amount is too small.  Considering the outstanding job she did when representing the 37th district, I am certain we can expect that same level of excellence from Ruth as the Delaware Lt, Governor.  


Unlike other states, the Governor and Lt. Governor do not run as a ticket in Delaware.  But we have a wonderful duo in Mike Ramone for Governor and Ruth for Lt. Governor,  This is truly a dream team!


In addition, we must take back SD 6, RD 20, and capture RD 14.  We have superb candidates in Kim Hoey Stevenson (SD 6), Nikki Miller (RD 20), and Mike Simpler (RD 14).  We must also be certain we hold on to the seats we have!  


So, let’s get this done!  Our club should and must play a very important and relevant role in this election.  The future of Delaware requires it!.



Ruth Briggs King's Campaign Announcement for Lt. Governor in Dover at 12 Noon on June 14th

Ruth Briggs King announced her campaign for Lt Governor on Flag Day.


Sen. Eric Buckson introduced Ruth Briggs King.


Sen. Eric Buckson and Ruth Briggs King, Candidate for Lt. Governor.

20240614_120429_RBK 2 blur.jpg

 Ruth Briggs King, Candidate for Lt. Governor, addresses supporters.

Ruth Briggs King's Campaign Announcement for Lt. Governor at 2 PM in Georgetown on June 14th

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