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February Monthly Message from Marilyn

February 18, 2024

Greetings SCRWC members and associates,

I hope you’re staying dry and warm.  Take heart, spring will be here very soon and along with the better weather, the Grease Band will arrive to have you dancing the night away with great rock and roll!  I’m attaching the event flyer, so you’ll have something to show your friends and family as you encourage them to attend this very fun event with you.

I also received an email from my friend, Phil Drew, that I think you will want to investigate.  I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV from multiple companies trying to sell you monitoring services to alert you to anyone trying to steal your home by recording a deed for your home, essentially transferring your home to these thieves. 

 With the very high transfer tax in Delaware, it is unlikely that this would happen here, but one never knows just how devious and desperate the perpetrators may be.

The Sussex County Recorder of Deeds has established a FREE service to notify homeowners if/when documents are recorded and the homeowner’s name is mentioned.  Signing up for this service is quick and easy – I’m told it takes less than a minute.  You will receive two emails to complete to confirm the process is in place.  Here’s the link to sign up:

If you have not RSVP’d to our meeting on 2/28, please do so ASAP.  Greg Fuller, Register of Wills, will offer some helpful information on wills and estates.

Finally, to remain a member in good standing, please make arrangements to pay your dues very soon. 



Download Greaseband Returns pdf flyer below and share with Family & friends!

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