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HB 320


A "Do It Yourself" Abortion Bill.  What can go wrong with that?  Under the guise of women's health, this dangerous bill swiftly passed through Committee (within days after the bill was created). Statistics on record of this practice include 24 deaths and 4,200 injuries. 

Primary Sponsor: Heffernan (D)


SIGNED BY GOV CARNEY 4/28/22. Passed by Senate 4/7/22.

Action: Write & Call ASAP

Appears there is no concern for the health and safety of human beings (born or unborn).  Write and/or Call Governor Carney with your objections and outrage to his compliance with this dangerous bill.

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HB 305


Amendment HB 302-HA-1 Added 3/3/22    

AMEND THE DELAWARE CODE RE CREATION OF THE DELAWARE MARIJUANA CONTROL ACT. (Amended adding 10 technical as well as protects & indemnifies state employees, contractors & volunteers participating under this Act).  REQUIRES A SUPER MAJORITY VOTE BECAUSE INVOLVES FEES.  We CAN defeat this--All Republicans MUST vote against!

Primary Sponsor: Osienski (D)

Status: DEFEATED! BUT D's  vow to bring bill back!

Action: Write & Call ASAP

 ALL Legislators 

Governor  Carney

Write Letter to Editor

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