What a beautiful day!  It looks as though Spring may finally be here!  Personally, I'm tired of the cold, rainy weather.


I realize this monthly message is late but I wanted to give you an overview of how we did with our major fundraiser , “Don’t Be Lonesome Tonight.”  I won’t go into exact figures here. Nancy will do that at our next meeting.  However, I can tell you that we are not very far from the $16,800 figure I mentioned to you earlier this year.  You should recall that that this figure represents the amount we would need in order to provide the maximum contribution to each of our candidates.   To say that our event was successful would be a major understatement!


None of the above would have been possible without the hard work of our Fundraising Committee headed by Adrienne Ponzini.  The rest of her team included Carole Andrejko, Debra Czajkowski, Liz Messick, Karen Rabik, Christina Fantino, Connie Higgins, Carolyn Grob, Sherry Long, Geri Airey, Cathy Watts, Denise Perez, and Nancy Burdette.  We even had some help from the husbands - Eddie Ponzini, Dennis Booker, Ken Andrejko.  Finally, a major shout out to George Chambers who “shook enough trees” so that the donations and auction items he got for us covered all of our expenses leaving the rest of the money collected for tickets, etc as profit.


Many of our members generously donated items for the silent auction and we had two very generous donations that our friend Senator Willson auctioned off.  His contribution was the entertainment of watching him up those bids!


So did everyone enjoy themselves? Absolutely! We've gotten rave reviews from practically everyone!  We’ve been asked to do this again every year.  Those of us who attended had an excellent time.  Even Elvis told me he and his band had a blast!  Because we are women of action, we are already thinking about next year. 


So enough of that fun and down to business.  Please give some consideration to the following.  The DFRW is in need of a Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer.  They are also without a 2nd Vice President.  The position must be filled by someone from either the SCRWC or the Seaford Republican Women’s Club. The people filling these positions sit on the DFRW Board of Directions. 


May each of you and your families have a blessed Easter.


Marilyn Booker